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Hand Cream

€5.25 Price

A cream for dry, cracked hands that intensively moisturises deep-down, keeping the skin perfectly soft and smooth.

Hand Treatmen Set

€5.45 Price

Designed for sensitive skin and children, it is the perfect two-step treatment to recover the softness of the hands.
First, it protects and sanitizes with the moisturizing cleansing gel, to later calm and restore the symptoms of damaged and sensitive hands with the cream.
Its formulas combine effective emollient ingredients that are responsible for soothing, repairing and providing benefits to irritated skin.

Body Emulsion With 10% Urea

€12.70 Price

A highly moisturizing, emollient body emulsion that provides intensive, deep-down hydration of the corneal layer of the skin.
Recommended for very dry skins or those that have been damaged by the cold, sun, etc.
Can be used as an after-sun in summer.

Intimate Gel

€8.50 Price

An extra-mild, perfume-free, slightly foaming liquid soap formulated for daily unisex care that respects your intimate physiology.

Hydroalcoholic Hand Cleaner

€3.30 Price

Hydroalcoholic solution for deep cleaning and hand hygiene without rinsing. Cleans and sanitizes when soap and water cannot be used. For a complete care of the skin of the hands minimizing irritation and maintaining hydration without drying.
Its liquid spray format ensures correct application even between nails. We can also spray on surfaces that we occasionally need to sanitize such as door knobs, car steering wheel, telephone screen, etc.

Cool Gel

€8.85 Price

A refreshing, decongestant gel that helps to improve blood circulation and has a restorative effect.
Moisturizing, antiperspirant foot cream with urea, menthol, extract of Arnica Montana and extract of butcher’s broom.
Heel cream with keratolytic action to help get rid of hard and thickened skin on the feet, with a reparative and deodorizing effect.